Network and Infrastructure Upgrades

Having a successful track record as a consultant team at an IT engineering services group is a challenge. The IT consultant wears many hats. IT consultants usually involve skills to strategically plan business improvements, design the improved network IT infrastructure, orchestrate the project deployment and insure that on-going support is provided. Most consultants perform one or two things well, usually not all. Many businesses find it challenging to find a single engineering team that fulfills the end-to-end consulting process and can provide all of the parts.

Usually IT consultants provide a good deal of direction and lofty goals. Rarely do these consultants roll up their sleeves to provide a final design and implement a working solution. Many computing and network companies are good at providing solutions and have the expertise to upgrade or improve a network. However they usually lack the depth and experience to provide a ‘big picture” approach and provide long term IT strategies. 

Often the business owner is forced to use several companies to rig together a solution that might not meet the businesses future IT requirements. Often the business owner finds themselves deep in the process. Additionally several third party firms may contribute to the solution which may lead to a lack of accountability and incur extra costs. 

Combined Systems Technology [CST] provides a consulting approach that combines both experienced senior IT engineers and architects with day to day technology business challenges. This allows the CST consulting team to align experienced individuals who are able to provide scalable technology solutions that meets the business demands. Through detailed planning, this allows us to successfully deploy technology components during the configuration and implementations phases of the project.

This consultative team approach keeps your company secure, ahead of technology trends and assists in managing your overall IT costs. Our ultimate goal is assist in increasing your businesses profitability while providing you with the flexibility to expand and grow into the future. Contact us in confidence for a no-cost initial consultation. We can be reached at 800-944-2966 or at the form at the right.

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