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Malicious cyber-security threats and malware are very common in today’s connected business world. In the past, attackers gained access to data networks with the purpose of creating chaos or disruptions on the network. The downside was the IT team spent hours cleaning up the damage. In recent months, the motivation and number of cyber security attacks has changed dramatically. Large criminal organizations [mostly abroad] have focused on attacking business networks for monetary gain.

The malware attacking your network today is designed is designed by highly trained hackers to be undetected and more lethal than ever before. The goal of the attacks has also changed from merely gaining access, to actually extracting data for sale at a later date. Attacks on larger enterprises may target customer data with the intent to steal identities for sale, where attacks on smaller businesses frequently target network data as a source of ransom. The location of the business, type of industry or size of the organization matters little. If you have any amount of credit card data, online employee records or financial data on your network, you are a viable target.

Cyber-security threats such as phishing and malware can cause serious damage to your business operations. Strengthening your systems to detect and stop these attacks will save you from the headaches of data loss, downtime, and business disruptions. CST offers a range of solutions centering on a multi-level security defense. This multi-level protection often includes:

• On-premise security appliances to protect email and filter web traffic
• Firewall hardware with advanced security features
• Cloud-based mail protection and anti-virus services
• Onsite and cloud-based online backup/disaster recovery methods

Combined Systems Technology designs and delivers Information Technology (IT) solutions that transform and protect our clients business. We help our clients gain a competitive advantage by deploying proven technology solutions to make their businesses more resilient to market opportunities and threats. Contact us today confidentially to arrange a no-cost initial consultation. We can be reached at 800-944-2966 or at the form on the right.

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