Network Integration

The Benefits of Combined Systems Technology’s Network Integration Solution

Operational Savings – A poorly integrated and outdated network requires far more resources for management and monitoring. A tightly integrated network is easier to manage and saves engineering hours.

Improved Business Agility – Older inefficient data networks require significant time and expense. Newer networking technologies allow quick operational changes without massive replacement projects.

Reliable Operations – It’s a safe bet that a poorly integrated network will fail. Having a strong and managed data network prevents disruption and the frustration of network downtime.

CST’s Network Integration Process

Phase 1 – Discovery - CST senior engineers conduct a thorough assessment of the network, including identifying all of the network assets, verifying software & hardware versions and evaluating security elements. Additionally input is queried from key stakeholders on the network.
Phase 2 - Design - The CST network engineer maps the discovery data and stakeholder input. Our engineers collaborates closely with members of your organization to leverage your company’s strengths. A complete upgrade and improvement plan starts to evolve.
Phase 3 – Implementation Planning - Pushing the design process a step further, this phase works out the details of upgrades and deployments. Build-out and configuration of new equipment takes place at this point. This pre-work has shown to save time during deployment.
Phase 4 – Deployment - The CST network team sets the implementation plan into action. All physical changes to the network and data migration occurs here. Additionally the network backup and disaster recovery plan is brought on-line. We work closely with key stakeholders at this phase to ensure a successful and timely completion with minimal disruptions to the business.
Phase 5 – Validation - The integrated and updated network is tested and validated.

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