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Constructing a Wireless Network Design Specific To Your Business

CST is a leading integrator of Wireless LAN, WiFi, and outdoor wireless technologies. Our highly trained personnel have over 75 years of engineering experience in the data networking industry, and many years of experience specific to wireless networking technology. We have provided superior interior and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity for our clients. Wireless clients are increasing in importance to the enterprise. Securing the wireless network presents a critical challenge for many organizations. CST understands the complexity of wireless networks. We make it simple for even large organizations to design, deploy and use wireless technologies.

Combined Systems Technology’s specialized wireless experts allow us to quickly assess your wireless needs, then design and deploy a customized solution for your business. As a part of our design process, a thorough site survey process is implemented in order to assess requirements and allow us to engineer the best solution possible. Experience has shown an installation of wireless equipment without a site survey sets incorrect expectations, runs up project costs and provides performance that is marginal. Additionally, implementing a wireless design without a site survey often requires costly follow up engineering adjustments. CST provides a custom site survey detailing exact equipment placements and heat maps indicating signal coverage, strength and interference patterns.

By leveraging a wireless architecture design, clients receive enterprise-class RF technology designed to increase standard bandwidth performance, as well as delivering other benefits including:

Faster Wi-Fi delivery
Increased throughput and density
Higher accuracy in identifying interference sources
Installation and Support

With our advanced vendor partnerships, we are able to provide our clients with the ideal single-source solution for their wireless design needs:

• RF Wireless systems designs
• RF site surveys [with heat maps] to place access points that support the desired RF design
• Wireless architecture designs
• Wireless access points, exterior wireless equipment, wireless controllers, wireless bridges
• Network services management
• Secure BYOD strategies and deployment

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