Backup and Disaster Recovery


Combined Systems Technology Backup and Disaster Recovery

We live in an uncertain world and likely you worry about the safety of your data and the continuity of your business.
Have you considered these questions?    

What would happen if you lost all of your files, including receivables?
How long could your organization stay viable in the chaos of lost data and email downtime?
Is there a disaster recovery plan in place and a secondary option in case the primary plan was to fail?
How would your organization function if all systems were down and inaccessible?
Are the components in place to comprehensively protect your organization? Have you thought of everything that could fail?

We live in a data-dependent world and the importance of backing up your mission-critical data. Most businesses need to keep working in the case of an outage or disaster.
We have consultative services to meet and plan for a backup/disaster recovery plan that meets your exact requirements. From ongoing offsite backup to file restoration to more complex server virtualization solutions, CST can provide a secure and complete backup strategy. Each Backup/Disaster Recovery solution is a comprehensive backup product designed to protect your information (and eliminate your worries), no matter what.

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