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Many security problems start for homes & businesses when no one is watching. With an IP Surveillance System from Combined Systems Technology [CST], you can protect your valuable business assets from all angles -- 24 X 7.

Today's IP Surveillance Systems uses standard data networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet, for transporting information rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling used in older analog video systems. The network cameras capture and send live video connecting directly to the IP network. We take surveillance seriously, understanding if and when the unexpected happens the footage from your security system becomes crucial. Key video images are stored as evidence in much the same manner as your network data backup.

IP Surveillance Cameras are easier to setup and more affordable than legacy analog camera systems. These newer selection of cameras offer variety of features such as infrared night vision, wireless connectivity, remote access, PTZ (pan - tilt - zoom). IP Cameras are designed to connect to your local network with wired or wireless connections and with a bit of configuration they offer a full featured surveillance solution. You can view a live feed of your IP-based security cameras from anywhere in the world using your - iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, or Mac.

CST’s surveillance portfolio offers a select group of products to meet your requirements. These products are offered with on-site installation, network / device configuration and basic training. Call us today to schedule a free confidential consultation, 800-944-2966

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